Our company provides project design services on a turnkey basis. In this context;

Pre-project survey services (Plankote - application and ground survey studies)

Architectural Design (Preliminary and application projects, system details for each module, 3D design studies.) Static Projecting (Reinforced Concrete - Steel Systems and Retaining Wall - Static projecting of artistic structures) Mechanical Projecting (Heating and Cooling Systems, Fire Department Approved Fire Projects, Infrastructure Projects such as Sewage-Rainwater, Compressor Line Projects)

Electrical Project Design (Strong and Weak Current Projects,

Transformer and SPP Projects,

Security System Projects,

Lightning Rod Projects, Catenary Line Projects)


We offer all of our services to investors and public institutions. Apart from the preparation of all necessary projects related to obtaining licenses, our project planning services; Detailed quantities and weights, Quantities formed by analyzing system details, T.C. Pricing the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and other public institutions with their current prices, It also covers the creation of real costs with up-to-date market research and proforma invoice support. As a result of the project design service you have received from our company, you will have all the square meter works that are the basis of the product order, material details, and the contracts you will make with the subcontractors during the application at the beginning of the project. Do not forget that a healthy project design process will not only minimize the problems you will encounter in the field, but will also provide you an advantage in terms of cost.